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Factors to Consider When Selecting Doors

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Doors 

Doors can be divided into many types according to materials, processes and uses. It is widely used in residential and commercial buildings and residential buildings. The wooden doors have European retro style, simple modern style, American style, Mediterranean style, Chinese style, French romantic style and Italian style.



Door Leaf

The door leaf is a cabinet or the like which is provided with a left and right opening and closing. The door leaf is an indispensable item in all decoration projects. The special status of the door leaf makes it a symbol of the decorative style.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Doors

There are many ways to open and close the door leaf. For example, the manual push-pull translation mode can be adopted, so that the hanger running wheel will run along the track. When the door is closed, the floor and the door frame will be automatically pressed to ensure good sealing performance. When the door is opened, it will leave the door frame synchronously and rise, which reduces the friction between the sealing rubber strip and the door frame and the floor, so that the opening is light, the walking is smooth, and the wear of the sealing strip is alleviated.


Door fans are often required to be decorated with the same materials that are used extensively indoors. Therefore, we often see that in the practice of clearing oil, if the indoor use of red enamel, then the door is often red ; if it is cherry wood, then the door is also cherry wood. In the practice of mixing oil, the door leaf is followed by the oil mixing, and the color is consistent. Of course, the door leaf can also be designed in different styles, but it is difficult to do this.


The design of the door leaf often follows the design elements in the design style. For example, when there is a specific straight line in the design, the door leaf is often required to have this feature.


The door leaf will follow the overall design style, so to a certain extent, the door leaf will also become the guiding target of the style. This is because there are no other decorative items in the house, but there can be no door leaves. Therefore, the door leaf not only changes with the style, but also plays the main role.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Doors


Door Lock

A door lock is a device used to lock a door to prevent others from opening the door. There are many types of door locks. The requirements for door locks are different in different occasions. Ordinary households generally use anti-theft door locks, which are safe and cheap.


Door locks must be safe and stable as a safety precaution product. Security can be measured in two ways. One is to resist vandalism, mischief and deliberate violent destruction such as smashing and drilling. In this respect, the mechanical strength of mechanical locks and electronic door locks can generally meet the requirements. Among all types of door locks, only the RF card electronic door lock is a fully enclosed structure, which is the best in safety. Second, the prevention technology is turned on, and the ability of the mechanical lock to prevent the technology from opening is very poor. Regardless of the mechanical lock of that structure, it can be opened by other means. The key can be copied is a big security risk. In the electronic door lock, the magnetic card is easily copied due to the lack of a password.


Door Frame

The door frame generally consists of two vertical frames and an upper frame. When the door has a brighter, there is also a middle frame.

 The door frame is the connecting member of the door leaf, the bright part and the wall. Although the door frame is not as conspicuous as the door leaf, the craftsmen have not forgotten to decorate it. The decoration here is also the same as that on the door leaf, which is to beautify the components. The position of the threshold on the outside of the door is remarkable, so they are made into squares, hexagons, octagonal, and round shapes in the shape, and then various kinds of floral decorations are carved on the threshold, which not only looks beautiful but also expresses certain Human Spirit. The stone-made door frame is also decorated. The upper part of the stone is intersected with the frame column and two carved birds are replaced. Some stone carvings are added to the upper and the frame column. The labor is not much, but the rigid door frame is a little angry.