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How to Install a Door Frame?

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How to Install a Door Frame?

A door frame is a frame that encloses the border and upper sill on both sides and on the top of the doorway. And it is mounted on the wall. It usually supports the door leaf and the exposed door.

How to Install a Door Frame?



Generally door frames consist of two vertical frames and upper frames. When the door has a transom, there is also a middle cross frame. Many doors have medium vertical frames. The door frame is the connecting component of the door leaf, the transom and the wall.



Door Frame Two Types

Section Form Of Door Frame

The cross-section form of the door frame is related to the type and number of door layers. At the same time, it should be conducive to the installation of doors, and it has a certain degree of sealing. The cross-sectional dimension of the door frame should not only consider the type of the door and the firm tenon, but also consider the loss when making it. The size of wool section should be larger than that of net section.


Cutting Form Of Door Frame

In order to make the door leaves closed, there should be a cut (or shovel) on the door frame. According to the number of door leaves and the way of opening, the form of cutting can be divided into single cutting and double cutting. Single-cut is used for single-layer door. Double-cut is used for double-layer door or spring door. The cutting width is 1-2 mm larger than that of the door, which is beneficial to installation and opening of the door. Cutting depth is generally 8-10 mm.


Because the door frame is easy to be damped and deformed on one side of the wall, one or two back grooves are often opened on this side to avoid warping deformation. At the same time, it is also conducive to the inlay of door frames. The shape of the back groove can be divided into rectangle or triangle, with a depth of 8-10 mm and a width of 12-20 mm.



How to Install a Door Frame?

Door Frame Installations

Installation of doorframe can be divided into two types according to construction method: post-plug opening and pre-vertical opening.


The position of the door frame in the wall can be in the middle of the wall or flat with one side of the wall. Generally, it is flat with the opening direction, so as to make the door close to the wall when it opens. The plastering around the door frame is very easy to crack and fall off, so the veneer board and wooden seam should be made at the joint of the door frame and the wall. The standard buildings can also be decorated with tube boards on both sides and above the doors and holes.



The plug is to install the door frame after the wall is built. When using this method, the width of the opening should be 20-30 mm wider than the door frame, and the height should be 10-20 mm higher than the door frame. Wood bricks are embedded or gaps are reserved on the walls of both sides of the doorway at intervals of 600-1000mm, so that the doorframe can be fixed with round nails or cement mortar. The gap between the frame and the wall needs to be filled with asphalt linen.



The vertical entrance is to erect the door frame and then build the wall with support before building the wall. With this method, the combination of frame and wall is close. But it is inconvenient to construct diaphragm and wall.



Door Frame Decorations

Although the door frame is not as prominent as the door leaf, it is also very important. Door frame decoration is to beautify components like door leaves. Hammers exposed outside the threshold are prominent, so they are mostly made into square, hexagonal, octagonal and circular shapes. Then carve various decorations on the door hairpins, some of which are inscribed with "auspicious", "wishful", "luck and longevity". The small door hairpin not only has a beautiful image, but also expresses a certain humanistic spirit.

Above is some introduction about the door frame. There are two ways to install door frame for your reference. You can choose the way of the door frame installations which suits your needs.