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How to choose a security door?

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01. Look at the anti-theft level

There are four levels: A, B, C, and D, safety factor A>B>C>D, and select A.

02, look at the lock cylinder

The key and the core of the anti-theft door is the door lock. The lock cylinder is divided into three types according to safety: A, B, and C. The safety factor is C>B>A>, and the C-level lock cylinder is selected.

FPL security door 3

03. Filling in the Door leaf

The main anti-theft doors on the market currently use paper honeycombs,Rock wool,if you need fireproof function,choose fireproof board more better

FPL security door 1

04. look at the material

At present, there are simple steel doors on the market,material are cold roll steel(standard market material),galvanized steel(do not easy to rust) ,zinc alloy material(High-end steel doors often use) .The thickness/material of the steel plate directly affects the safety of the door.

FPL security door 4