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Should a Door Open Inwards or Outwards?

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Should a door open inwards or outwards? 

Generally, the door of the house is open outwards, and the bedroom is open inward. It seems to have become a tacit habit. So what should we pay attention to when decorating the door of a new house? Next, I'll talk about opening direction of new house doors.


Different Door Open Sides

1. Gate

In principle, public space should be opened in the direction of evacuation. Generally, it opens from the outside. Fire doors should be strictly observed.


For residential homes, although it also has fire evacuation function, the door is generally designed to open to the indoor. This is to facilitate the installation of anti-theft doors. The anti-theft door opens outward and the wooden door opens inward, which is considered from practicability.


2. Bedroom door

In order to keep the passageway and corridor smooth after opening, try not to occupy the main traffic area and not be affected by the open door. Then the bedroom door opens in the direction of the bedroom is beautiful and practical.


3. Kitchen door

When the kitchen door opens, try not to affect the relevant operation of the kitchen. If opening inward will affect the operability of the kitchen, it is recommended to open outward. If the cabinet counter is far from the door, you can choose to open out.


4. Bathroom door

After opening the door, try not to affect the use of high frequency. For example, if opened inward will block the toilet or washbasin, then it is recommended to open outward. If the bathroom area is larger, it can also be opened inward.


5. Storage room door

Storage doors should be open outward as far as possible. The storage room is the storage space. In order not to occupy storage space, do not open the door inward. If the storage room is in the corner, it is recommended to use sliding doors.


Feng Shui Tips For a Entrance Door

1. The size of the door should be appropriate.

The size of the door is exquisite, neither too big nor too small.

In geomantic omen, the closure of doors means sickness. The small door is called discouragement, which means losing money. The size of the door and the size of the building should be properly allocated, which is the lucky house.


For example, theentrance door is the entrance to the entire home, the entrance door should be opened a little larger. Small rooms have smaller doors, such as bathroom or kitchen doors.


2. Doors should be opened inward

In the process of opening and closing the door, there is air flow in and out. The geomantic omen theory holds that the geomantic omen at home is suitable for gathering gas, so the portal should be opened inward for the entry of auspicious spirit.


3. Door should not be blocked

The door is the entrance to the house. It should be neat and bright, so as not to hinder luck.


Don't pile up litter in the doorway to keep the airflow clean. And if you pile up litter and garbage, it is easy to bring dirty gas into the home which affects the family's fortune.


4. Direction of opening the door

The geomantic omen theory holds that the direction of opening the door is closely related to the geomantic omen of the home. As for the direction of opening the door, there is no absolute good or bad. But the direction of opening the door and the combination of household type determine the good or bad orientation of the home, thus affecting the quality of the home geomancy.


5. The number of entries should be one.

In order to facilitate their own access, some families open another door outside the door. Although it brings convenience, it leaves behind hidden dangers of geomancy. According to Fengshui theory, multi-portal owners are easy to recruit thieves and lose more money.


The house is for the family to live, we must consider its rationality and comfort first. Everything should be people-oriented. The design is based on the actual size and size of the house, including the direction of opening the door.