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What Dose a Smart Lock Do?

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What Dose a Smart Lock Do?

Smart lock is different from traditional mechanical lock. It is also known as Intelligent lock. It is a more intelligent lock in user identification, security and management, and an executive part of the lock door in the access control system.


Smart lock is a compound lock with security, convenience and advanced technology.


Intelligent locks use non-mechanical keys as mature technologies for user ID identification, such as:

Fingerprint lock, finger vein lock, iris recognition access control which refers to biometric intelligent lock. It is characterized by high security, no loss and damage, but inconvenient configuration and high cost.


The smart locks of magnetic card and radio frequency card are non-contact smart locks with high security, plastic material, convenient configuration and carrying, and low price.


TM card is a contact type intelligent lock with high security, stainless steel material, easy to carry and low price.


Smart locks are widely used in the following places: banks and government departments that pay attention to safety, as well as hotels, school dormitories, residential areas that pay attention to convenient management.


Smart Lock Features


Smart lock is different from general mechanical lock. It has automatic electronic inductive locking system. It can automatically sense that when the door is closed, the system will automatically lock. Smart lock can open door lock through fingerprint, touch screen and card.


Generally, fingerprint locks are inconvenient when using password and fingerprint registration functions, especially for the elderly and children. Individual intelligent locks can open its unique voice prompt function, which makes the operation of users easier and easier to understand.


With the development of technology, smart locks are not only limited to fingerprint, password and magnetic card unlocking, but also add the function of mobile phone APP unlocking, which can control the door lock remotely at home through mobile phone.



General fingerprint password lock has the risk of password leakage. Recent smart locks also feature virtual password technology, which means that you can enter any number before or after the registered password as a virtual password. It can prevent the leakage of registration password effectively, and at the same time you can open the door lock.


In the security environment of common residential areas, the opening mode of door lock handle can not ensure enough safety performance. It is easy to drill small holes from outside the door and open the door with steel wire rotating handle. Many intelligent locks have patented technology guarantee. Safety handle buttons are added to the indoor handle settings. It is necessary to press the safety handle button to turn the handle door to open, bringing a safer use environment. At the same time, according to user needs, this function can be set selectively through simple operation.


The latest smart lock palm touch screen will automatically display, 3 minutes will automatically lock. Whether the password has been set, whether the door lock has been opened or closed, the number of password or door card registration, battery replacement tips, lock tongue blocking warning and encounter low voltage are displayed on the screen. It is intelligent control.



The latest smart lock is different from the previous way of "open first and scan again". The scanning method is very simple. It can scan the finger from top to bottom without pressing the finger at the scanning place. The scanning method reduces the residual fingerprint, which greatly reduces the possibility of fingerprint being duplicated. And it is safe and exclusive.



Traditional mechanical locks have no special concern for their appearance. Smart locks not only suit people's taste from the design of appearance, but also create intelligent locks like apples. Intelligent locks have been quietly listed.



Smart lock door has built-in embedded processor and intelligent monitoring system. It has the ability to interact with tenants at any time. It can report the visitors' situation of TV on its own initiative. On the other hand, visitors can even remotely control intelligent door locks to open doors for visitors.


With the development of society and the progress of technology, besides door handle, intelligent lock is also a choice. And the smart lock is safer and more beautiful. It brings great convenience to our life.