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What are the Different Types of Doors?

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What are the Different Types of Doors?

The door has a large variety which can make us confused. Therefore, the systematic understanding of the types of the doors, is conducive to improve the overall understanding of the door. And it can greatly help us to take the purchase of the door.


Due to the different materials the door uses, it can be divided into several types, such as solid wooden door, stainless steel door, security steel door and so on.


According to the places where the door is installed, it can be divided intointerior door and outer door. And each kind of door has its own function that is different from the other.


What are the Different Types of Doors?

If we classify the door according to its function, then it divides into different kinds again.


According to the role of the door plays, the door can be mainly divided into explosion door, fire-proof door and so on.


Entry doors, also known as security doors, are installed at the end of most homes, and some consumers replace them for safety and other reasons. The entrance door is mainly divided into the entrance door made of steel and the armor door, which not only guarantees the safety factor of the doors, but also greatly improves the level of door. At the same time, it also can better coordinate with the interior decoration.

What are the Different Types of Doors?

The following paragraphs basically introduce the classification and characteristic of interior doors.

High-grade door of original wood refers to the door that all pieces of it use "walnut", "teak", "cherry wood" precious wood and so on. This kind of door is beautiful and environmental-friendly. However, as a result of giant cost of consumable materials, the price also is very tall, and it is very rare on market.


Ordinary wooden door can be divided into two kinds. One kind is to use common log (such as wood of the deal, pear, etc.) to be made out of and assembled. The performance in environmental protection of this kind of door is good. Therefore, there are high requirements for technology in the production of this kind of doors. But as a result of material that is chosen is bad, the product is not very ritzy. Another type of door refers to the door which uses real wood completely to assemble. This kind of door is also very environmental-friendly, but the production process of it is relatively simple. Therefore, the design is not very rich, and the appearance is not very good. Ordinary wooden door exists mainly because of its characteristics of environment protecting, which caters to the consumer. But in fact, the product didn't have much to be recommended.


Solid wooden door is the mainstream of the wooden door in future on the market. Solid wooden door uses fine technologies to create a transcendent sense, which is almost as beautiful as the door using logs. Because the scientific design, it has both the stability and high quality. Therefore, its value in using is higher than door of original wood. All the interior doors which are mentioned can be called high-grade interior door.