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What is Honeycomb Core Door?

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What is Honeycomb Core Door? 

Honeycomb paper is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It is a method of bonding corrugated paper into a myriad of hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by a glue bonding method to form a whole force receiving member, that is, a paper core. And a new type of sandwich structure of environmentally friendly energy-saving materials formed by bonding paper on both sides.

1. Honeycomb Paper

Bees are consumed with the least amount of material to create the largest and most robust honeycomb. The geometry of the honeycomb forms an overall structure like an arch bridge, which increases the compressive strength of the surface by a factor of 100. Honeycomb paper uses a honeycomb structure and is therefore also consumed with the least amount of material for maximum volume and maximum strength and stiffness.



2. Honeycomb Paper Features

First of all, the material of honeycomb paper is very light, and the material used in the production is small and the cost is low. Its sandwich structure has the highest strength-to-mass ratio compared with other various sheet metal structures, so the performance and price ratio of its finished products is good, which is the key to the success of honeycomb paper.


What is Honeycomb Core Door?

Secondly, honeycomb paper has high strength and flat surface, so it is not easily deformed. The structure of honeycomb sandwich is approximately isotropic. Its structural stability is good and it is not easy to deform. Moreover, its outstanding resistance against pressure and bending resistance are the most important characteristics required for box packaging materials.


In addition, honeycomb paper has excellent impact resistance and cushioning properties. Honeycomb paper is made of core of flexible paper and paper, with good toughness and resilience. The unique honeycomb sandwich structure provides excellent cushioning performance and higher energy absorption per unit volume in all cushioning materials.


At the same time, honeycomb paper absorbs sound and insulates heat. The interior of the honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed chamber filled with air, so it has good sound insulation performance.


Finally, honeycomb paper is non-polluting and conforms to the environmental trend. Honeycomb paper is made entirely of recyclable paper and can be recycled and reused 100% after use.

What is Honeycomb Core Door?



3. The Cause of Problems with Honeycomb Paper

Commonly used honeycomb paper cores are classified into A, B, C, D, and E types according to the size of the honeycomb aperture. The weight of the paperboard is between 140 and 180 g/m2, and the performance of different types of honeycomb paper cores with different weights is different. High-quality honeycomb composite doors should adopt B-type honeycomb core with a weight of 150-180g/m2. The common thickness is between 25 and 35mm. The process conditions can be strictly controlled in the production process to achieve the best performance of the product. Because of some small businesses, it does not use honeycomb paper according to the correct process, and some of them are black-hearted enterprises, even using honeycomb paper made of domestic garbage and industrial waste, so the quality of wooden doors made by this is naturally the closure will also have a very bad impact on the market, which has led many wooden door brand manufacturers to rush to use the honeycomb paper process, and consumers are also very reluctant to this process.