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Where Should Door Handles be Placed?

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Where Should Door Handles be Placed?

The door handle broken is a frustrating thing. You might not be able to leave home, then you probably need to pay for a professional repairman to help you repair. Today this article teaches you how to fix the door handle by yourself.

First, measure the mounting position of the door handle. The height of the door handle is generally 110cm from the ground, so the height of the door handle is generally between 80-100cm, and the height of some anti-theft door handles may be 113cm. door handle heights vary from material to material.

The position of thedoor handle should also consider the height of the family members, the habit of opening the door, the size of the shoes, etc. You can consult us for more ways to determine the position of the door handle.


Where Should Door Handles be Placed?

Door Handle Installation Steps

1. Read the instructions - Read the manufacturer's instructions for the door handle. This will help you how to install.


2. Drill --- Drill the handle hole with a hole saw. To get a clean finish, stop drilling when you first see the pilot bit through the other side of the door. Remove the drill bit and drill it from the other side to avoid splitting.


3. Position Plate --- Insert the latch and mark the position of the board. Cut it out to the recommended depth on the back of the package. Then screw the latch into place.


Where Should Door Handles be Placed?

4. Install the handle --- install a new handle. This can be a bit tricky, so please follow the instructions slowly.


5. Install the forwards - now the handles and latches are mounted on the door, we can mark, drill, chisel and mount the bumper to the door lock. Simply close the door and use the latch to determine where the hole in the striker plate needs to be positioned. Then drill a hole and mark and chisel the jam around the striker with a sharp pencil. Then screw the striker plate into place.


Finally check if the new door handle is smooth. If it is loose and unstable, it needs to be reinforced.

Where Should Door Handles be Placed?

Precautions for Installing the Door Handle

1. The handle is mounted vertically on the upper corner of the door panel. This method is more labor-saving. The door handle is installed under the door panel and above the floor cabinet door, so that it can be used directly, and it is not necessary to adapt to the direction in which the door panel is opened.


2. When installing the door handle, we must determine the position of the door handle to avoid the inconvenience caused by too high or too low height.


3. Check the condition of the handle in time, if the screw is loose or not smooth, use a screwdriver to reinforce or use oil to make it smooth.


4. The selected door handle should be adapted to the size of the door and the style of the home decoration.