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3 Wrong Methods in Choosing Wood Door

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3 Wrong Methods in Choosing wooden door

In the choice of interior door, Most families would like to purchase wooden doors according to the different materials and different characteristics. Yet there are so many of them, thus it is difficult for people to choose the right ones at the first beginning. There are many people in the purchase of wooden door referring to doors’ weight, they hold the view that the heavier the wooden door is, the better quality it will have, in fact, this is a wrong. The heavier door is not equal to the better quality. In today’s article, I’ll introduce three wrong methods in choosing wooden door.


solid wood door

1. The Heavier = The Better

Many consumers in the selection of wooden doors and other solid wood furniture will make such a mistake, that the heavier the better, the harder the more stable.


However, only from weight can not know the internal material of wooden door. On the one hand, the weight of particleboard is sometimes heavier than that of solid wood. Although particleboard is made from crushed wood, a lot of adhesive is applied in the production process. On the other hand, wood with good stability, such as teak and pineapple grid, has a low density. So there is no necessarily connection between quality and weight.


 A good solid wood quality, not only depends on the weight and hardness, but also depends on the surface work, wood quality, edge effect and so on.


2. Solid Wood Door = 100% Environmentally Friendly

When choosing solid wood door, you probably more than once hear the sales staff saying "solid wood door is the most environmentally friendly door" , is it right?


In fact, the environmental protection of solid wood door is relative. solid wood door use natural materials, we can only say it is more environmentally friendly. But generally speaking, the wood used in solid wood door comes from felling trees, while wood-based panels use relatively less wood, and have high utilization rate and high production efficiency. Now most of the board furniture in line meet with the national environmental protection targets, and some material release of harmful substances even far below the national standards, so the environmental protection of solid wood door is relatively, not absolute environmental protection.



3. Solid Wood is the Best

It should be said that solid wood has its own advantages and disadvantages, the popularity of pure solid wood doors is mainly to cater to the people's psychological mind returning to nature. They think solid wood door is health and environmentally friendly. But the main defect is that the change of water content makes it easy to deform, so it needs special care. Too Dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood door. What’s more, strong direct sunlight, frequent switching air conditioning will also affect the longevity of solid wood doors.


You may wonder that I’ve already knew the wrong methods of choosing the wooden door. How should I select the good-quality interior door? Well, just check our last article. Hope you would find a right interior door for your house.