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Expand related field. In order to enlarge the business in Burma, we visited customers and help to analyze the market, we gave the most professional advice to chose the suitable designs and help to make the show room by our products-Steel Security Door.In 2016, the sales volume is increasing, they're importing from us and the quantity is 10 times more than before. It's very successful cooperation between us.
There are many customers don't know more about the doors, they don' t know the market and price in their country. A customer is from South America, he did not know the standard size and popular designs in South America. But he is verv interested in our steel doors and want to expand their business. He visited our factory and saw many kinds of samples in our show room. We only let him go around in our show room, didn ' t introduce to him about the doors. Because we know the size and requests in his market. We had a talk in our meeting room, introduced the style and requests of the doors in South America.We showed him the doors exported to South America before, the local clients are very fond of our doors. He believed us, not only good faith, but most important is professional service.He is importing from us with 2 HQ container every month since 2016. You just need and we are professional, we can have a long-term cooperation.