Classification of Fire-rated Door

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Classification of Fire-rated Door

Fireproof door or fire-rated door refers to the door that can meet the requirements of fire stability, integrity and heat insulation in a certain period of time. It is a fire partition with certain fire resistance, which is located in fire compartments, evacuation staircases, vertical shafts, etc.


Fireproof doors not only have the function of ordinary doors, but also have the function of preventing the spread of fire and smoke. They can prevent the spread of fire in a certain time and ensure the evacuation of people.


There are many kinds of fire-rated doors. This article introduces the fire-rated door from three aspects: material, technology and insulation degree.


1. By Material

(1) Fire Resistant Timber Doorsets

Door frame, door leaf skeleton and door leaf panel are made of hard-to-burn wood or fire-resistant wood products.


(2) Fire Resistant Steel Doorsets

The door frame, door leaf skeleton and door leaf panel are made of steel material. The door leaf is filled with non-toxic and harmless fire-proof and heat-insulating materials and equipped with fire-proof hardware fittings to form fireproof doors with certain fire-proof properties.


(3) Fire Resistant Timber Doorsets with Steel Structure

The door frame, door leaf skeleton and door leaf panel are made from steel and flame retardant wood materials or flame retardant wood products.


(4) Other Material Fire Resistant Door Sets

The door frame, door leaf skeleton and door leaf panel are made of inorganic non-combustible materials other than steel, flame-retardant wood or non-combustible wood products or partially made of steel, flame-retardant wood and hard-to-burn wood products. The door leaf is filled with fire-proof and heat-insulating materials that are non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and are equipped with fire-resistant hardware components to form a fire-rated door with certain fire resistance performance.


fire rated door

2. By Technology

According to the open state, it can be divided into normally closed fire-rated doors and frequently opened fire-rated doors.

Normally closed fire-rated doors are generally composed of fire-rated door fans, door frames, door closers, sealing strips, etc. Double or multiple normally closed fire-rated doors are also equipped with sequencers. Normally closed fire-rated doors usually do not require electrical professional to provide self-control design, but there are also some special circumstances such as: normally closed fire-rated doors on evacuation channels. When some large construction parties have management requirements such as anti-theft, they should be designed by electrical professional. It may be a comprehensive reduction of security risks.


In addition to all the fittings of the normally closed fire-rated door, the fire-rated door release switch must be added, and the automatic control design must be provided by the electrical specialty. Usually, it is applied to evacuation channels with more people flow and logistics.


fire rated door

3. By Insulation

(1)Fully Insulated Doorsets (Class A)

In the specified time, fire-rated doors can meet the requirements of fire integrity and thermal insulation at the same time.


(2)Partially insulated doorsets(Class B)

Fire-rated doors meet the requirements of fire resistance integrity and thermal insulation within 0.50 h specified.


(3)No insulated doorsets (Class C)

In the specified time, fire-rated doors can meet the requirements of fire integrity.


Fire-rated door is an important part of fire equipment and social fire prevention. Therefore, the quality and use of fire-rated door is the key to success or failure of fire prevention. I believe you know more about fire-rated doors nowadays.




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