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Do you Know How to Install Fireproof Door?

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Do you Know How to Install Fireproof Door?

Fire doors protect your family from possible injuries and fatalities related to domestic fires. Though these doors cannot prevent a fire from starting, but they can offer about 30 minutes of protection from a house fire. When fire doors are placed on every bedroom, you and your family have a much larger window of opportunity for escape. Fireproof doors are very important and popular. Do you know how to buy and install fire doors?

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How to Choose a Qualifed Fireproof Door

The first is to check the appearance. The high-quality fireproof door is welded firmly, the welding points are evenly distributed; the outer surface is sprayed flat; the product mark, the quality inspection qualified mark and the quality certification qualified mark shall be in the specified position.

The second is to check the numbers. Pay attention to check whether the numbers of the following parts are consistent with the sample description, the external dimensions / the thickness of the door leaf / the width of the side of the door frame, etc. Different types of fireproof doors have different sizes, we have to compare and measure according to the actual size.

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The third is to look at the seals. Qualified steel and wooden fire doors should be provided with fireproof sealing strips. The sealing strips should be straight and without arching, and have a qualified inspection report issued by a national testing agency.

The fourth is to estimate the weight, the quality of the fire doors are generally heavier, and those very light fire doors must be quality products.

The fifth is to check the certificate. The fire door needs to be type tested before sale. The general type inspection report details the size, composition, materials and photos of the sample. In actual purchase, you need to ask the manufacturer for inspection report.

How to Install Fireproof Door

1. First, measure the size of the opening. Measure the rough opening in the wall framing to ensure it is large enough for the height, width and depth dimensions required to install the door. Make the hole size larger than the steel fire door frame size.

2. Install the steel fireproof door into the size of the hole and make temporary positioning measures to avoid the overall collapse of the steel fire door. The gap around the door frame should be adjusted properly so that the cement mortar is subject to watering. Door frames and steel fire doors must be strong and secure when fixed.


3. When pouring cement mortar around the door frame, please pay attention to less filling and more mixing. After adjusting the mortar, the mortar should be solid and firm, and the fire door should not be moved. The curing period is not less than 48 hours. After the mortar is completely dried, the steel fire door can be opened and closed.

4. Install the door closer. After the steel fireproof door is installed, add the door closer, adjust whether the opening and closing can be sensitive and tight, and smoothly open the door without any big impact. In this way, the fire door can be truly fireproof and give everyone a guarantee.

The above is the knowledge about the purchase and installation of fire doors. Have you learned? Click here for more information on the door.