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Don’t Know How to Select Interior Door?

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Don’t Know How to Select Interior Door?

In every family, the door is an indispensable partition. Whether it is the bedroom door, or bathroom door, each type of door needs to be carefully selected, otherwise it will affect the overall decoration effect. There are many kinds and brands of interior doors in the market now. The quality of interior door varies as well. In short, there are many kinds of interior doors, so in today’s article, I’ll teach you to buy quality interior doors.


1. Look at the style and color of the interior first. The purpose of house decoration is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so the first thing to consider when choosing a interior door is whether the style and color of the harmonious collocation matches your entire room style. The decoration style is smooth and simple, so we choose generous and concise style; lively we choose lithe and elegant style. In short, it is suggested to choose the similar style.

2. Good color collocation is the key element of highlighting the room, so after we decide the style of the interior room, let's focus on the color of interior door. We can divide the the room environment into three categories according to light and shade. Interior door color can be considered close to the furniture color system.

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3. After a thorough consideration of color and style of interior door, product process and quality issues are another two selection techniques. We are unlikely to go to the manufacturer to see how it is processed, only through a simple means of appearance test to assess the quality of the product. How? Touch the interior door and look at the side light. Touch the frame, panel and corner of the interior door with your hand to see if there are any scratch and if it is soft and delicate or not. Then stand on the side of the door to see whether the paint surface of the interior door has concave and convex waves. Basically, you can tell whether the workmanship is up to standard with these two strokes.

4. Check inspection materials and manufacturers related qualification certificate. But above two certifications still can not decide the interior door we bought  in good quality. What kind of material is interior door? Is it environmental  friendly? Here we can test it in three ways. Firstly, try to choose manufacturers with a good brand reputation. Secondly, through the inspection to see whether the manufacturer's relevant qualification certification is complete and true relative to the industry standards.

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5. Before installation, pay attention to the internal materials from the keyhole of interior door for the final check.

6. Price is also an important factor of choosing a good quality interior door. If the price of interior doors below the production cost limit, then you may have to check and examine this interior door really carefully. Currently, the production cost of full solid wood doors is about 3,000 yuan. When you see that the price of interior doors is far lower than this price, there might be a problem.

In short, following the selection techniques above will help you find quality interior doors.