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Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom Door

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Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom Door

There are many geomancy problems in our daily life that need to be paid attention to. So today, I'm going to talk about the related geomancy problems of toilet. The toilet is a room that we use frequently in our daily life. We will use the toilet regularly from morning to evening. So when the toilet is in use, it will always open the door, so the door is a very important thing in geomantic omen. If the door of the toilet can not be arranged properly, it will easily affect geomantic omen, and then affect our daily life. So today we mainly surround the door of the toilet. Let's have a discussion.



1. Try not to close the door of the bathroom to the kitchen.

We all know that the bathroom is a place with heavy humidity, so the attributes of the bathroom as a whole belong to water in geomancy, while the kitchen is a place for cooking, so the kitchen will definitely use fire when cooking, so in geomancy, the attributes of the kitchen are fire, so I When decorating houses and arranging bathrooms, do not place bathrooms next to the kitchen. This will easily lead to the door of the bathroom adjacent to the door of the kitchen. This will easily lead to incompatibility between fire and water, which will affect the harmony of our daily life.


Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom Door


2. Don't open the door to the bathroom directly.

For some special patterns, it may easily lead to the door of the bathroom facing the door, which is a very bad thing, because the door is used for money, then if the door is facing the door of the bathroom, then it is easy to cause the financial fortune of entering the home does not come to us. And directly into the bathroom, that is, if the door of the bathroom is facing the door, when we use the bathroom, we will feel very embarrassed, is a very embarrassing thing, so, whether from the practical or geomantic, this practice is very bad one. All kinds of practices. So I suggest you, when decorating, try not to choose the bathroom door, facing the door, or for this decoration pattern of the house, it is better not to choose the good.



Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom Door

3. There must be windows in the bathroom.

For the bathroom, it is very important to open a window in the bathroom, because her practice in the bathroom is relatively comparative, if you stay in a sealed environment, it is easy to breed bacteria, so we should have a window in the bathroom, and this window, after we use the bathroom. Later, we must regularly ventilate, if there is no special case, try to be an open state throughout the day. In this way, it can be conducive to the air circulation in the bathroom, good air is injected into the bathroom in time, so that we can use the bathroom at night more. Comfortable.


In fact, the toilet is a relatively economic place. When you decorate, you must not neglect it. You must understand all aspects of it, so that you can ensure that there are no problems in the decoration.