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Feng Shui Tips for Deer Head Decorations

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Feng Shui Tips for Deer Head Decorations

Nowadays, in order to decorate the interior, many families will hang paintings on the walls. Deer paintings are an auspicious painting that attracts the attention of many families, they hangs the painting in the entrance door. But is it good to open the door to see the deer? Is there anything about the entrance door Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Tips for Deer Head Decorations


The deer has the meaning of high officials and thick laurels. Opening the door to see the deer means opening the entrance door to see wealth, it has a certain promotion effect on the occupants' fortune and official transportation. The deer is also a kind of animal with longevity. Opening the door to see the deer can promote family members health. Therefore, from the perspective of feng shui, it is a better way to put the deer on the entrance door.


The following things help you judge the entrance door feng shui.

1. The main entrance door should be avoided too big or too small

In Feng Shui, the door is required to be spacious and bright, but it does not mean that the bigger the better, if the area of the house is relatively large, then the door should be relatively larger, if the area is relatively small ,the house should be matched with a smaller door, and the uncoordinated ratio of the house to the door will also have an impact.


2. The main entrance door avoids the balcony

At the first sight, you can see the balcony or the main entrance directly facing a corridor that passes through to the end. In Feng Shui, it is called a pass to the end. Such a house can't gather a good atmosphere. In the long run, it will also bring harm to health and family fortune.


3.The entrance door straight to the elevator door

Most of the city building match with an elevator. When you choose the orientation of the room, you cannot choose the kind of house where the elevator door is facing the door of the house. The elevator is yin in the feng shui and will send a steady stream of yin to the home. This house is considered to be a bloody disaster. If you have already lived in this kind of house, placing potted plants at the door will have a certain relief effect.


4. The entrance door should not pile up debris

The entrance to the gate needs to be spacious and tidy, so it is impossible to pile up garbage and debris at the door. It is necessary to ensure that the passage at the door is unobstructed, so as not to hinder the good luck.


5. The main entrance to avoid sharp corners

The door is facing the sharp corner, and it is easy to quarrel at home. You need to put the plant next to the door and hang the convex mirror on the door to stop the suffocation. The nephew cannot be completely solved by the feng shui, but if the house itself is very strong, the suffocation will not come.


The above is about the knowledge of entrance door feng shui, click on us to learn more about the door.