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Feng Shui Tips for a Back Door

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Feng Shui Tips for a Back Door

When we decorate, we pay more attention to the fengshui of the front door, but the back door is also very important. It symbolizes the flow and circulation that can occur in the family. In today's house construction, the back door or side door is usually the door most used by people because it is convenient. The garage may be behind the house and we generally enter the house from the back door. Do you know any fengshui taboos in the back door? This article tells you.


Feng Shui Tips for a Back Door

1. It is forbidden to face the dead lane

The door is facing the dead lane, which symbolizes that the way out is blocked. When we go out to meet a large wall, the mood will inevitably be affected. The door is facing the dead alley without access, the airflow in the house must not be smooth, the air can not maintain freshness, so it will accumulate a lot of turbidity, which is extremely unfavorable to the health of the occupants.


2. The back door faces the dangerous mountain.

There are dependencies on the back. As the saying goes, there is a blessing in the back, but sometimes the position of the back is very important. If your home is living by the ridge, there may be mountains or cliffs at the back door of your house. Faced with this situation, even if there is a backing, it is very dangerous. If the weather changes, the rocks on the mountain may fall at any time, which poses a danger to their own property and personal safety.



3.Dont face the road

In Feng shui, if there is an alley and the road goes straight to the back door of the house, such feng shui is unlucky, which will have a negative impact on the home fortune and affect the health and safety of the owner. There is a lane in the back, just like a villain who hurts a man with a dark arrow. There are always villains in life to hinder himself.


4.It shouldnt be against the fierce land

The fierce land generally refers to garbage dumps, slaughterhouses, hospitals, funeral homes and other places that are not good. Facing these fierce places, it is easy to let the indoors gather a bad atmosphere, thus affecting the home feng shui and bringing some bad things to the owner.


5. The size of the back door is too large

In general, the self-built house door needs to be the largest of all the doors. If the size of the back door is larger than the door, it may adversely affect the occupant's fortune, and the back door must not be rounded.


6.It shouldnt be skewed and damaged

A slanted door is a door that is on a diagonal line or under the ceiling. Slanting doors can destroy good feng shui and bring unlucky accidents. The back door must not be damaged, or it will easily form a feng shui that leaks money.


The above is about the feng shui taboo of the back door, the content of this article is for your reference only, hope we can help friends who want to understand the feng shui of the house.