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Hanging Wooden Wooden Doors Before Drywall?

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When the new house is being renovated, there will be wall work and wooden door installation work. There seems to be no connection, but in fact the order of the two will have a great impact on the decoration effect. Is it the first to do the wall or install the wooden door? Which way do you prefer?


Method 1: First Install The Wooden Door And Then Paint

This method is to scrape the putty first. After the worker polishes it with sandpaper, paint it and install the wooden door. When the wooden door cover is fixed, the edge of the wall paint can be covered, and the installation of the wooden door cover will not be affected. Also be careful to wait until the wall paint is completely dry before installing the wooden door.


However, if the wooden door is installed later, the vibration will affect the fixing of the latex paint due to the knocking, installation of the lock and the hinge, which may cause the latex paint to partially fall off. Moreover, when the wooden door is installed, there will be some bumps on the wall, and the brushing will affect the overall effect.


It is a good idea to install the wooden door first and then paint it. After the wooden door cover is fixed, it is more obvious to level the wall. When painting, it can repair the uneven wall surface and make the wall surface and the wooden door cover more flat.


If you choose to install the wooden door and then paint, you should pay attention to protect the wooden door and wooden door cover in advance, for example, sticking the textured paper around the wooden door cover to prevent paint. Wait for the wall paint to be processed, and then open the protective film. If the wooden door cover is splashed with paint stains, just dry it with a damp cloth in time.


Method 2: First Paint And Then Install Door

Painting is done after the carpentry is completed. At this time, the whole house has a frame, and then the workers decorate the wall and then install the wooden door.

It is best to finish the wall paint first and then install the wooden door. Whether it is painting or spray paint, the interior wooden door will be decorated with convenience. Suppose we put the wooden door and then paint it. In the process of painting, it is inevitable to put the paint on the wooden door, which is difficult to handle and clean.


Because in the process of painting, the construction technical requirements of the workers are high, the wall decoration should be more perfect, the corners of the wooden door joints will stick the sprayed paint on the wooden door during the painting operation, and the whole wall will be sprayed. Finish, there may be a lot of paint on the wooden door panel. If the paint is not easy to clean up, you need to spend a lot of time cleaning it up.


Brushing and installing the wooden door, which step do you take first?