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How is Chinese Wooden Door Industry?

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How is Chinese Wooden Door Industry?

China's wooden door industry started late, but in recent years it has developed very rapidly. Since 2000, it has gone through more than ten years of development. We can divide it into three stages.


How is Chinese Wooden Door Industry?

(1) 2000-2004: the initial stage of development

Before 2000, the traditional woodworking industry in China was mainly made by decoration craftsmen. At that time, due to the non-standardized size of building doors, the period of large-scale, mechanized and factory production has not yet arrived. At the beginning of the 21st century, China's wooden doors began to enter the stage of real industrialization. Compared with the traditional manual production, factory production has better quality and lower price.



(2) 2005-2009: the explosive and rapid growth stage

Since 2005, with the growth of the real estate market, China's wooden door industry has entered a "golden cycle" of vigorous development. More and more wooden door enterprises have entered the stage of large-scale production, and the status of wooden door industry in the building materials decoration industry has begun to emerge. The prosperity of wooden door market has also attracted many enterprises and funds from other industries to enter this field. A few large manufacturers have begun to break regional restrictions and develop across regions.



(3) From 2010 to the present: in the white heat competition stage

There are six production bases of wooden door in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Northeast China, Bohai Rim, Southwest China and Northwest China. In 2015, the total output value of wooden door industry in China reached 120 billion yuan, with more than 3000 enterprises above scale. China has become the world's largest timber production base, export base and consumer market; however, domestic small and medium-sized workshop-type enterprises are still in the majority, with obvious industrial regional characteristics. At the same time, due to the restrictions of real estate regulation policy and environmental protection policy, the survival pressure of small and medium-sized enterprises is increasing. We believe that the wood door industry is facing a new round of shuffling, but also contains integration opportunities, which can lead the industry from product price competition to brand quality, design services competition transition.


Wood door industry belongs to the sub-industry of wood furniture manufacturing industry, which has a high degree of marketization. Government departments only implement macro-policy guidance and self-discipline management by industry associations. The production and operation of enterprises are completely carried out in accordance with the market-oriented way. There is still space for improvement in the formulation of industry norms.


(1) Industry Authorities

State Forestry Administration mainly provides policy guidance and legal supervision for wood door industry in China.


(2) Industry Technical Supervision departments

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and State Forestry Administration, which are respectively responsible for the quality supervision of wood door products and the formulation of product technical standards.


(3) Industry internal management system

China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association Wood Door and Window Professional Committee is mainly responsible for the study of the industry and market, research and formulation of relevant industry standards and submission to relevant state management departments, providing public services to member enterprises, conducting industry self-regulation management and representing industry members to relevant state departments.


Hope this article help you know more about the Chinas wood door industry.