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How to Better Select Bathroom Doors?

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Selecting Bathroom Doors

Except for choosing the bathroom doors by material, you can also select them from their sizes.

Selecting Bathroom Doors

By Size

If the bathroom opens the sink to the inside, buy a smaller size, but it will not affect the corridor space. If you open out, you don't need to consider the size of the bathroom, but it takes up more space in the aisle. In this case, the general choice of sliding doors, so that one side of the wall can also be made into folding doors, 80 wide door holes.


The door is usually connected with a door cover. The thickness of the door cover is 3 to 5 centimeters. The width of the door is 6 to 10 centimeters on the two sides. The width of the toilet door is the smallest at 60CM. Bathroom door size selection also needs to consider manufacturers and brands, each manufacturer on size and color as well as the impact of the entire living style is different. You need to be very careful when choosing.


After knowing the material and size of bathroom doors, here are some technical methods that will help you.

1.Small Toilet without Sliding Door

First of all, according to the size of the bathroom area, if it is small, in order not to let the bathroom have a great sense of repression, we should make room for the bathroom as far as possible. The most ineffective way is to choose the sliding door when choosing the door. If we choose the sliding door, we must choose the sliding door whose guide is very good, such as sliding door. Perhaps ineffective in reducing future troubles.


2.Well-Sealed door

Of course, if your bathroom has a large enough area, you don't need to consider the problem of throttling space at all. At this time, you can choose the door with many styles and good sealing. This kind of door can provide consumers with a lot of choice space. Today's bathroom door is mainly for opening.


3. Use Wooden Doors in Toilets with Caution

When choosing the way to open a door, it's time to consider the material of the door. The toilet is the wettest place in the whole family. Therefore, when choosing the material of the door, we must choose. Taking this into account, the plastic steel door on the market has this characteristic, and the price is very cheap, many small. Restaurants use such doors to make toilet doors.


4.Reasonable Moistureproof Price 

Plastic steel door can be used to make toilet door, but its shape is not very elegant, so most families still prefer to choose aluminum alloy door in decoration, it still has good moisture resistance, and the price is moderate, the style and color is still relatively rich, may meet the middle and low-grade consumers. 


5. Considerations of Moistureproof 

For many well-organized consumers, the beauty of these two doors far falls short of their requirements. Therefore, they will still choose wooden doors to make toilet doors, so as to match their home decoration style. When choosing such doors, they must choose that the doors are made of solid wood or wood sculpture with moisture-proof appearance. It's good for all solid wood doors.