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How to Install an Interior Wood Door?

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How to Install an Interior Wood Door?

What material door does your home use? Wooden doors are still the main type in modern home doors. The wooden doors are in various forms, and the wooden doors of different materials have different decoration effects. For wooden doors, we usually buy finished wooden doors on the market and then install them. So how do you install the wooden door? What aspects do you need to pay attention to during the installation process? Look down to tell you the answer.

How to Install an Interior Wood Door?



How to install wooden doors?

1. Measurement and cutting

Check the wall dimensions and wall cleaning. Make sure the wooden door size matches the wall. Measure and trim the thickness of the door frame. Excessively thick door frames will affect the aesthetics of the living room, and the installation of the door and window frames will not be very strong, so we need to cut and modify the thickness.

How to Install an Interior Wood Door?


2. Assembling the door frame

Try to put the window frame of the wooden door into the door opening to see if its size matches the size of the door opening. If it matches, then the door and window frames are fixed. There are two ways to fix the wooden door frame: the first one is to fix it with wooden bricks. If there is no wooden brick, use the iron or veneer as a fixing strip to fix the door frame. One end of the fixing strip is fixed on the door frame, and the other end is fixed on the wall surface to fix the door frame.


3. Glue

Since the door frame is assembled, there is a small gap between it and the wall. Therefore, we need to apply adhesive to the small gap to ensure the stability and firmness of the door frame, and not to let the gap affect the appearance. Before you apply glue, you must make sure that it is level again. You must make a glue on the basis of ensuring a good level. After the glue is finished, we can support the door frame with wooden strips, which can make the door frame better shaped, which is more square and does not cause skew.

How to Install an Interior Wood Door?

4.Install the door leaf

When installing the door, we should first find a small wooden block to pad the bottom of the door leaf, and then fix the door leaf gap, so that the wooden door can be better switched. When installing the door leaf, firstly erect the wooden door, and reserve the gap between the bottom of the door leaf and the ground, then draw the line at the door and the corresponding part of the door frame. Then install the hinge according to the drawn line.


5. The door edge line

The door edge line is mainly used for beautification in the structure of the wooden door, and its installation is very simple. Under normal circumstances, the door frame will reserve slots for the door edge line. We just need to directly lock the door edge line into the slot.

After the wooden door is installed, it is necessary to check whether the opening and closing of the door leaf is smooth, and whether the position of the hinge is qualified. Is there a clear gap between the door frame and the wall, etc. Have you learned how to install a wooden door?