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How to Select an Invisible Door?

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How to Select an Invisible Door?

Can the door be invisible? Sounds amazing? The invisible door is a door that does not require a door frame, locks, and no handles on the outside, and hides the door. When people see it, it gives people the illusion that this is not the door. The most crucial part of the invisible door is to hide it.


Invisible doors are generally used in offices and home life. Usually, the color of the invisible door wall of this space should be consistent with the color of the home decoration furniture, so as to have a complete concealment effect, and sometimes even the material is exactly the same. Let's take a look at the introduction of the invisible door and how to pick it.

How to Select an Invisible Door?

The Features of Invisible Door:

1. Handle. The hidden door has to solve the problem of no handle. First, the handle is used to pull the door. Without the handle, there is no way to close the door. The door handle of the invisible door has an automatic closing device, which is used instead of manually closing the door, which is more beautiful and convenient.


2. Door. The invisible doors on the market are all kinds of different styles. The only thing is that it needs to be mounted on the door frame. When the door is closed, the invisible door is to be level with the wall. You need to move the door forward, keep the wall in a horizontal position, and then install it, and make various wall-like patterns on the door to hide the door.


3. Lock. The door needs to be hidden and the lock can be. Door locks are also critical. For some private spaces, For example, in a cloakroom, lounge, bathroom or storage room, invisible locks can create a private space for added security.



The Design of Invisible Door 

Invisible Door - Swing Type and Push Type

The most common design form of the invisible door is to hide it in the wall. Through the connection of color, material, pattern and line, the door and the wall are in the same visual plane, which is extremely simple and high-end.


For the open-type concealed door, most of the door handle processing is directly hidden, and it is set as automatic hinge. It can also adopt various patterns such as relief and geometric protrusion to achieve the effect of practicality and decoration.


For push-pull concealed doors, the texture pattern can be designed according to the overall decoration and owner's preference, or it can be not limited to the external wall style, to achieve the self-detailed fitting, such as the single-wall size of the ink compartment stealth door, sliding glass door Invisible space enclosed by floor curtains.

How to Select an Invisible Door?


Invisible Door - Invisible Furniture

Furniture is a new discovery in the design of invisible doors. Modern invisible doors are presented in a variety of forms, such as bookcases, wardrobes, and the like. The design of the invisible door such as the window, in addition to its own cabinet needs to be crafted and unique, other decorations are also very important. Such as the light and dark of the light, the placement of the green plant, the position of the pendant, etc., will add a lot of points to the blind eye effect of such hidden doors.


Invisible door - Space Storage

In addition to creating a private space, the invisible door has a powerful space storage function. The decoration company will make the door of the cloakroom and the utility room into a hidden door, which has a significant effect on the expansion and beautification of the visual space. When designing the invisible door in the stairwell, you can put books, wine, shoes or sundries, without worrying about the mess. Affecting the overall effect, it can turn a narrow, irregular space into a storagespace.

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