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How to Soundproof a Door?

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How to Soundproof a Door?

Many people do not consider the sound insulation of the door when selecting the door. It is taken for granted that the door has a good sound insulation effect. However, in fact, the sound insulation of the door has many factors that affect each other. Next, we will introduce some related knowledge in this area.

The Reason Why The Soundproofing Door Is Not Soundproof

(1) Wood Door Material Problem

In fact, the material of the door is different, and the sound insulation effect is also different. This part depends on the sound transmission problem of the material itself, and the other part is the quality and process problem.


As far as material is concerned, the sound insulation effect should be a large density of solid wood doors, because its density is much higher than that of other materials, which can better block the transmission of sound. However, the higher the density, the heavier the weight, and the higher the price.


(2) Weight Of Soundproof A Door
When we are choosing a door, although the monolayer door is indeed not very soundproof, but it is not necessarily heavy enough, thick enough door soundproof effect will be good. If there is a suitable hollow part in the panel structure of the door, it will be better to produce sound insulation through the air. Moreover, the door is too heavy will cause inconvenience in the process of switching. For a long time, the door frame and the closing page used to fix the door will produce a certain amount of strain. The deformation of the door frame has a gap, and of course it will reduce the sound insulation effect. The loosening or deformation of the closing page is not only inconvenient to open and close the door, but also causes poor sound insulation effects. Serious ones will also emit squeaks on their own, and there will be more noise in the absence of sound insulation.



(1) Don't Choose The Most Expensive, Choose The Right One.
Because the actual situation of each decoration is different, it can not be generalized. At the time of buying, it is still the most important to consider the appropriate. Otherwise, the door with excellent soundproofing effect is chosen. Actually, there is not such a high demand likes bedroom door, so the money is wasted and resources are wasted. There is also to be reasonable purchase according to the renovation budget, not every space needs the same door, it can be selected according to the needs of different doors, reduce the financial burden while also ensuring functional requirements.


(2) Choose A Light Door
In fact, there are some relatively light but sound insulation doors on the market, for everyone to choose, I recommend the use of hollow sound insulation doors and solid wood composite doors, their relative weight will be lighter, the same sound insulation effect is also good. In addition, the most important choice is the actual needs, if there is no need for very high requirements for sound insulation, you can according to the needs of different spaces. For example, long-term unmanned storage rooms, garages can be less emphasis on sound insulation. Bedroom, study such a quiet place can choose the relatively good sound insulation of the