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How to install a security door?

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installation steps

1. Measure the size of the steel door opening first, and determine the opening direction according to the corridor. The size of the door opening should be larger than the size of the installed door, with a certain clearance (approximately 1.5-3cm) for easy installation Debug and correct.

install security door

2. To correct the door opening. If the steel door opening size does not meet the requirements, it must be cut and smoothed with steel chisel, cutting machine and other tools to meet the installation requirements.

install security door 2

3. Put the door into the door hole when installing, and plug it around with wooden plugs Tighten, correct the horizontal and vertical degree, and adjust whether to turn on the then open the door leaf and use an electric hammer to pass through the door frame mounting hole Drill the installation holes in the middle and fasten them one by one with expansion bolts.

4. The penetration depth of the expansion bolt into the wall must be >5cm, impact the drill bit of the electric hammer must match the size of the expansion bolt. For Engineering installation, the owner or the builder must mark a 50cm horizontal line or 100cm horizontal line, the user must confirm the ground paving for separate installation Brick or floor height. After the door is installed, both sides of the door frame need Pour a certain amount of cement mortar (generally more than 70% Above), repairing walls, grouting, etc.

install security door 3

Finally, hope that every household can learn to install anti-theft steel doors by themselves.