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Introducing 3 Bathroom Doors

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Introducing 3 Bathroom Doors

The bathroom door can be seen as the toilet door, and the toilet is an indispensable part of people's home life. Because the bathroom is wet and the ventilation is not very good, it is completely different from the ordinary bedroom door. The toilet door is an important part of the toilet, and the choice of the toilet door is extremely important. Therefore, in today’s article, I’ll tell you three different bathroom doors.



1. Steel Door

This door has very strong waterproof, the price is very low, generally under 100yuan. But for the price over 100 yuan or 200 yuan, the quality is good, but the door itself visual effect grade is very low. Many small restaurants use this door, and it is easy to change color and deformation, so, unless it is a rental room and in reality there is nothing further required decoration, otherwise folding doors in kitchen bathroom are not recommended.


Introducing 3 Bathroom Doors


2.Aluminium Alloy Door

Aluminum alloy doors are generally divided into two kinds from sliding doors, one is skating, the other is slipping. A large number of customers choose skating during the use process. Personally, I think this kind of skating is not good, because skating is generally used in wardrobes, and there is a ground track on room doors. If it is used as toilet doors, it may be trampled on for a long time. It is very difficult to get out dirty things because they are rusty and dirty things can not slide properly when they enter the ground track. Dust washers are necessary. And the skidding frame is very narrow, gentle force is flashing, if people fall carelessly to derail, not necessarily safe.



3.Wooden Door

There are three types of wooden doors. PVC membrane doors without paint on the surface can not be used in bathroom, because the waterproof of the membrane is not well painted, moisture into the substrate is easy to cause blistering deformation, and the probability of not painting is too great. Of course, there's no problem in the kitchen. Solid wood doors and painted wooden doors or other doors, in which the waterproof of solid wood doors is relatively strong, craft doors almost, but, because the toilet problems will generally be in the door jacket there, so, generally do toilet door jacket, will be replaced by wood-plastic door jacket or solid wood door jacket. We'd better put this into practice when we set the door. Wood doors are not as waterproof and anti-deformation as aluminium alloy doors, but the greatest advantage is that they are consistent with the texture of bedroom doors and are the strongest from the aesthetic point of view.


Introducing 3 Bathroom Doors


1. Plastic steel doors are not recommended. PVC membrane doors with unpainted surfaces can not be used in toilet doors.


2. The kitchen is not humid, so it is better to use wooden double sliding doors with large glass, and aluminum alloy doors with slip.


3. Aluminum alloy doors are best used if the requirements for decoration style are not very high or the toilet is relatively small. But if the style and matching requirements are relatively high like European or natural or antique style, then the kitchen sanitary compartment door or wooden door is appropriate.