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Introducing Steel Wood Door

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Introducing Steel Wood Door

A door is a device mounted on an entrance or exit that used widely in our daily lives. It is annoying for us to choose a suitable door in different place. Wooden door is flimsy and unreliable, steel door is incongruous. Therefore, I recommend Steel Wood Door which is a combination of function and beauty.


A Brief Introduction

Steel wood doors are not only safe but also beautiful. The middle of the steel plate with good properties of security and the surface with decoration are combined perfectly. Manufacturer can choose different color, lumber, line and design according to user’s requirement.

Steel wood doors are developed from security doors. As a result, much of their craftsmanship is inherited from security doors. As the name implies, the steel wood door’s structure is a mixture of steel and wood.

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Craft of Steel Wood Door

1. The film on the surface must be made flat without any air bubbles. Otherwise, the door will be dented. The protective film can be punched with small holes to facilitate the discharge of air.

2. Raw materials must be strictly checked. Put an end to bad materials into production. The quality of materials determines the quality and grade of products directly.

3. Materials and products in the workshop must be arranged in a regular way. Otherwise it will cause chaos in the workshop.

4. Paint must be sprayed more than 2 times to achieve good results. The quality of gloss oil plays a key role in the surface gloss effect.

5. Gluing press pressure must be controlled well, or there will be waves or surface bending deformation.

6. The powder must be polyester, or it will turn yellow or uneven in color. Spray powder must be evenly. Otherwise it will also cause chromatic aberration.

7. The size of the lock box must be standard, it can’t be too large, or it will cause uneven position of the lock hole.

8. The size of honeycomb paper must be 1MM thicker than the inner shelf. Otherwise its facade will be uneven


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Pros of Steel Wood Door

1. Above all, steel wood door is strong and durable, not afraid of water, not easy to deformation, so it’s suitable for kitchen.

2. The interior of steel wood door is some stuffing which is lighter than other doors.

3. Steel wood doors are affordable for most families.

4. In addition, the styles of steel and wood doors can be various because any patterns can be pressed out. You can also imitate the patterns of wood doors according to your preferences.

5. For dealers, the advantage of steel wood doors is that they are easy to install.

6. It is non-toxic, green, healthy and environmental protection.

7. Painting is done very rarely, only two or three times.

8. It deforms only after a strong impact.