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Is Solid Wood Door Better Than Eco Door?

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Is Solid Wood Door Better Than Eco Door?

In modern decoration, with the improvement of people's aesthetic and environmental awareness, environmental protection and beauty should be taken into account except paying attention to the quality of products themselves. Eco-door is such a product. This kind of healthy green product with novel style and full personality soon draws consumers’ attention. Which is better, solid wood door or eco-door? Let's take a look at it together.


Is Solid Wood Door Better Than Eco Door?

Which is better, solid wood door or eco door?

In fact, many consumers tend to confuse solid wood doors with "ecological doors". Industry insiders say that "ecological doors" are a healthy product which is built on the basis of natural and environmental protection and produced by natural conditions and artificial means, which is conducive to living. In terms of materials, "Eco-Gate" does not blindly abuse natural resources, but uses man-made, composite, recyclable and natural harmless materials. Which is better, solid wood door or ecological door? The big difference between "ecological door" and general solid wood door is that it not only pays attention to environmental protection and health, but also pays attention to the protection of the natural environment.


For the eco-door products on the current market, some consumers confess that they really can't tell the difference between good and bad. "Eco-door sounds like a word concept played by manufacturers. The building materials market is mixed with fish and dragons. Today's concept and tomorrow's concept are beyond our comprehension. At the same time, the price of eco-door is much higher than that of wooden door. Consumers I dare not try it easily.


Industry insiders said that with the gradual penetration of the concept of environmental protection, "ecological door" has attracted more and more attention. In fact, the ecological gate is a product of the continuous improvement of human requirements for the environment and human settlements, not only to use the door, but also to enjoy the "door". We should not only integrate into life, but also into spiritual needs, and integrate life and nature into products in perfect harmony.


For many concepts in the market, the Chinese Academy of Forestry said that at present, the names of some doors in the market are not standardized, and there is no concept of "ecological door" in the relevant standards. In fact, people often use "ecology" to define many good things, such as healthy, beautiful and harmonious things can be called "ecology". When used on wooden doors, eco-doors usually refer to "environmentally friendly, healthy and safe wooden doors". As long as they meet the corresponding environmental protection and safety standards, whether they are solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors or wooden composite doors, they can be called "eco-doors".


Is Solid Wood Door Better Than Eco Door?


Which is better, eco-door or steel wood door?

Steel wood doors are generally divided into two kinds, one is called steel and wood interior doors, which are used for interior decoration, and the other is called armored doors. The above two kinds of doors are developed on theft-proof doors. Many things in technology are transferred from theft-proof doors. The structure is a mixture of steel plate and wood, so they are called Steel-wood doors.


Steel wood doors have good strength, not easy to deform, strong and durable, not afraid of water. They are suitable for kitchen and bathroom doors. The steel wood doors are filled with some fillers, not solid wood. Compared with other doors, the weight of steel wood doors is lighter, and the lowered limit of falling doors can not be locked. Importantly, steel wood doors are affordable and affordable to most families, which is also one of the best-selling characteristics of steel wood doors. In addition, steel wood doors have a variety of styles, any pattern can be suppressed, you can also according to your preferences, imitate the pattern you like wood doors, beautiful and generous. For dealers, the advantage of steel-wood door is also that it is easy to install, simple and fast, without the need to open the lock hole of Steel-wood door. Low methanol content, non-toxic, green, healthy and environmental protection. The disadvantage is that the steel plate will produce small pits after impact, which can not restore the original shape.


Eco-door will not only be environmentally friendly, concise, fashionable, durable, the door style and color can be arbitrarily matched, the whole door delivers a unique visual aesthetic sense of metal. Unique product temperament is inherent, which embodies the distinct fashion, modern and personality of the high-tech style, leading modern young urbanites into the new era of orientation and melody. Green environmental protection, health and unique taste are the main selling points of eco-door, but the production technology level is demanding and the price remains high. After complex production technology, whether it is really environmental protection can not be confirmed. In addition, the metal texture of eco-door is too serious to be liked by middle-aged and old people.


Above is the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood door, ecological door and steel wood door. I believe you have a good idea of how to choose them.