Kitchen Door Feng Shui Taboos

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Kitchen Door Feng Shui Taboos

Many owners are not very clear about the kitchen door Feng Shui taboo. Is the kitchen door facing the bedroom door? Is the kitchen door facing the door? Many of the houses are very common, but we don't know if we need to renovate them. Today I'm going to tell you something about the geomancy taboos of kitchen doors.


Kitchen Door Feng Shui Taboo 1 - kitchen door can not be facing the door directly. 

People come to the fore and spend a lot of money. This sentence tells us a common sense of geomantic omen. The door is the place where wealth and fortune come in and out. When the door opens, the kitchen will be burned. Is there any lucky and fortune left? If you set the kitchen in this way, it will be harmful to the health of the hostess and the wealth of the family. And there is no way to save it. The only way is to change the direction of the door.


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Kitchen Door Feng Shui Taboo 2 - kitchen door and toilet door should be staggered. 

The toilet door is a dirty drainage area. No door should be facing the toilet door. Then the kitchen door as a source of food for the family, it can not face the toilet door, which I believe everyone can understand. In the face of it, it inhaled all the filth into its stomach. In addition, the kitchen is the place where food is cooked, representing fire. Toilets are negative, representing water. The kitchen door and the bathroom door are incompatible. Feng Shui said, this will not only lead to marital discord and family restlessness, but also affect the health of the family.

Kitchen Door Feng Shui Taboo 3 - kitchen door and toilet door are not usable. 

Kitchen and toilet, one is fire, the other is water. In order to save space and cost, some families even let kitchen and toilet share a door in and out, so that water and fire coexist in a space. This is very unlucky, so kitchen door and toilet door must be far away, which is good for health.


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Kitchen Door Feng Shui Taboo 4 - Kitchen door should not be directed against bedroom door.

In fact, it is common sense that the kitchen door should not be directed at the bedroom door. When you are sleeping and resting, the place where the lampblack comes into is smoking and rushing towards you. Although you may not cook at that time, the breath is still there. Those breaths easily lead to dizziness and bad rest. From the geomantic omen, the kitchen is a fire, people want to relax when they rest. If this kind of fire is added, they will be tired of working and daily life. If they can't rest well, it will only make their temper more irritable and easily cause family discord.


Kitchen Door Feng Shui Taboo - kitchen door can not be directly opposite the window

Many people have kitchen doors facing windows, but it's not good. The window is a breathless place to go in and out, directly to the kitchen, which is tantamount to eating these things in the stomach. You said that luck could be good? If that's the case, we should find a way to separate the two and stop them.


These taboos on geomancy should be kept in mind and avoided as much as possible. It's good for our life and family.




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