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Looking for Solid wood door?

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Looking for Solid wood door?

The quality of the solid wood door manufacturers will be different, so we must be careful when we select it. We usually compare our purchases in the following four ways.



1. According to the material

The material of the core board of the door and the face plate has a very big effect on the qualities of whole. The sound insulation effect of different material is different, so we should choose whether to use core board according to specific function and requirement. There are dozens of varieties of panels. Oaks, walnuts, maples, rosewoods and other woods of different types have their own natural texture and quality. So we should choose the face plate of different type according to decoration style and our like. 



Looking for Solid wood door?

2. According to the structure

The high-qualified door can be divided into two kinds from inside structure: plate structure and solid wood structure. Flat doors have a simple look and are more modern. It has a wider range of materials to choose from. The price is moderate, but it lacks heaviness.


Solid wood structure has a strong sense of three-dimensional line. Its shape is more prominent, and can highlight the cultural quality. It belongs to the traditional production process. But the price of this kind of door is higher.



3. According to the paint

A plump film on the door indicates good quality of painting. Strong cohesion is good for sealing wood. There is no suspicion of corners being cut. We can stand in the inclined side of the door to find the reflective angle of the facade. Then we can check whether the paint film on the surface is flat, whether the orange peel phenomenon is obvious, and whether there are any small particles protruding. If there are particles that are obvious, the factory's coating equipment is relatively rudimentary. If the orange peel phenomenon is obvious, it means that the paint film baking process is not closed.


Looking for Solid wood door?

In addition, we should ensure that the edge portion of the line and that the fancy-style door produces is not cracked by the paint film. The type of paint will also have a certain impact. The paint film of PU paint is soft. A slight bump is easy to produce white shadow dents. If there is a layer of PE paint in the paint layer, this possibility is greatly reduced. Most manufacturers are reluctant to use PE coatings. This is also a good indication of a manufacturer's attitude towards products.



4. According to flatness

The surface flatness of the wooden door is not enough, which means that the selection of the plate is relatively cheap. In general, the environmental performance of this door is also difficult to meet the standards. If the seams of the door are uniform and small, the level of the processing of the enterprise will be high.


The installation process is also a key part. A complete installation process, good installation tools and experienced installation technicians are key to the success of the installation. When installing the door, it should be horizontal and vertical. The gap should be even and small. The wooden door should be opened and closed smoothly. The hardware should be finely joined.