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Maintaining Fire-rated Doors

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Maintaining Fire-rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are closely related to people's lives, which can protect human from fire. Therefore we should pay attention to the maintenance of fire doors. Here are the details you need to know.

Check the grade and installation of fireproof doors

Check whether the fireproof door grade and the installation position used in the machine room meet the requirements of the Code for Fire Protection of Buildings. For example, the doors on firewalls should be the class A fire-rated doors. The doors should be the second class B fireproof doors that are on the walls of the fire control room attached to the computer room the equipment room of the fixed fire extinguishing system, and the walls between the fire water pump room and the ventilation air conditioner, etc. When a high-rise factory building (warehouse), a public building in a crowded place, and a dense category C factory building are provided with a closed stairwell, the door leading to the stairwell should also be a Class B fire-rated door. The inspection doors on vertical pipeline shaft walls, such as cable wells, pipeline wells, smoke exhaust wells, exhaust ports, garbage lanes, etc., should be Class C fire-rated doors.

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Judge if the the fire-rated doors are qualified

According to the General Technical Conditions of the Steel Fire-proof doors the General Technical Conditions for Wood Fire-proof doors in the , and the on-site inspection and determination rules of the fire-fighting products, judge whether the fire-rated door is qualified. At present, the production and sale of fire doors in China should first be issued by the Fire products conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security and obtain the product identity card (also known as fire protection product identity information) management system. This system has effectively cracked down on the act of making and selling fake products, and has been of great help to the law enforcement work of the fire department. The on-site quality inspection of the fire-rated door mainly depends on the inspection report of the corresponding products provided by the manufacturer, such as the thickness of the door leaf, the filling material, the thickness of the glass and the width of the side wall of the door frame. The inconsistent sample is sent to the national fixed fire-fighting system and the fire-proof component quality supervision and inspection center, the national fire-proof building material quality supervision and inspection center to inspect.

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Daily supervision

The common damage to fire-rated doors in daily supervision is as follows: First, remove the door closer. People  think it is inconvenient when the fire-rated doors are closed, so the door shutter is removed. Second, change the door lock at will. Some units use fire-rated doors as security doors. For the sake of safety, they replace the door locks that they think are more secure. Third, decorate without authorization. Some units think that the installation of fire doors hinders beauty and overall disharmony, so unauthorized decorate fire-rated doors.

In view of these conditions, we should make the owner understand the importance of the fire-rated door in the machine room and how to distinguish the high-quality and low-quality products. We need to  improve the people's understanding of the importance and function of the fire-proof door through the propaganda and explanation of the fire-proof door function and relevant knowledge. Strengthening our daily supervision and management is helpful to reduce the unqualified fire-proof door or the cheap fake goods.