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Manufacturing Requirements for Fireproof Wood Door

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Manufacturing Requirements for Fireproof Wood Door

Fireproof door is referred to the door that can meet the standards that having good resistance against fire and having good stability, integrality and so on. It is installed between evacuation stairwells, vertical shafts and other fire partitions which can resist against fire.


Manufacturing Requirements of the Fireproof Door

First, the doors which have the framework and the thickness more than 50mm should be connected with double tenon. And when assembling the door, all the components should be joined together tightly in which the glue can be added.

Second, in the production of the fireproof door, the quality of the door must meet certain requirements.

To begin with, the surface of the door shall be clean or frosted without marching marks. What ‘s more, the lines of the frame and fan should meet the requirements, and the cutting angles and joint seams should be tight and smooth. Also, the allowable deviation of the production should comply with the provisions.

Third, when the conditions are ripe, appropriate door and frame should be divided into set and then installed. Generally, the frame should be installed first.

Besides, once fireproof wood doors are made, it should be immediately brushed the oil to prevent moisture.

Then we will talk about the installation of wooden fireproof door, and the precautions of the installation.



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Installation Requirements of the Wooden Fireproof Door

The first step is to install the frame. When installing the frame, we should pay attention not to installing reasonably. Also, we should pay attention to whether it has a good seal. We must make sure that gaps have been filled with the filler. Then, the door should also be installed in accordance with the standards in the installation. The installation should be normative.


Precautions of the Installation

When the door is installed, we should make it according to the opening direction of the door. And the fireproof door must be opened in the direction of evacuation. Don't make the fire door open to the opposite direction of evacuation, which will affect the escape speed. To the addition, the frame of the door shall be firmly connected with the wall body and can be fixed with expansion screws. The gap shall be filled with flame-retardant and heat-resistant materials. Also, the upper and lower door shafts must be on the same vertical line. When welded firmly with the embedded iron of the door frame, the position should be corrected to prevent displacement and deformation. Finally, the closers must be installed in accordance with the instructions to avoid damage during installation which may affect the closing and opening of fire doors.

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After the installation, we can also check the door by closing and opening it repeatedly for many times. By the way, after the installation, attention should also be paid to the protection of all aspects of fireproof wood doors. For example, usually we should pay attention to the damage made by water and moisture. And we should never forget to repair the door once it is damaged.