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Organized a company activity

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At the Begin of Nov, 2021.PPD DOORS organized a company activity,We went to climb “SanduXi” Mountains, there are lots of Natural Mountains. We completed this outdoor activity in 9 hours from 8Am-5Pm,we have been climbing during this period and finished our lunch on the mountains.

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There are no stairs here, we have to use our hands and feet to climb it,Some places are very steep, but we help each other to Overcame it. We learned Team work are very important indeed.we hope we can show our teamwork Whether in life or work.we do believe our customers would like to see and cooperate with this kind of Team.

We are very happy in this activity,the team from PPD DOORS will get more and more better.We will often meet some tough problems that are beyond our ability in the future. It is especially important that teamwork in these situation. With the help of the team, these problems can be solved easily and quickly, which Greatly improved our work efficiency!

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