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Primer and Finishing Coat for Wooden Doors

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Primer and Finishing Coat for Wooden Doors

In the process of choosing wooden doors, you often hear the terms which are called "primer" and "finishing coat". In fact, many people do not know about them. In order to help you master more knowledge of wooden doors, today I will introduce the primer and finishing coat of wooden doors.


1. What Is Primer For Wooden Door?

Primer for wooden door can be called as undercoat for wooden door, which has a certain viscosity, can be directly applied to the surface of the door, its color is generally beige. Brushing primer on wooden doors can improve the adhesion of the top coat, at the same time, it can also increase the fullness of the top coat, so as to ensure the perfect decorative effect of the top coat. In addition, the primer also has a strong alkali resistance, which can improve the overall corrosion resistance of wooden doors. In the process of decoration, brush primer can be subdivided into first primer and second primer. Usually, no matter how good the performance of the top coat, it is better to brush a layer of primer before painting, in order to improve its overall adhesion.



2. What Is Finishing Coat For Wooden Door?

Compared with wooden door primer, wooden door finishing coat is much easier to be understood. Finishing coat for wooden door, also known as the last paint, is the decorative paint on the surface of wooden doors, at the same time, the final rendering effect of wooden doors is mostly expressed by the top paint. And when consumers buy Wooden doors, they often see the display effect of the top paint, so the top paint technology is very important for wooden doors.



3. The Difference Between Wooden Door Primer and Wooden Door Finishing coat

(1) Effect

Primer has a certain consistency, which can play a certain role in filling the surface of wooden doors, making wooden doors smoother and more conducive to the painting of finishing coat. And the primer can also be well combined with wood core material, thereby further enhancing the adhesion of the top paint, so that the wooden door looks fuller. As the final layer of wooden door technology, finishing coat mainly plays a protective role. Simply speaking, it is to enhance the hardness of wooden door surface, so that the wooden door has excellent wear resistance and the finishing coat for wooden door can prolong the service life of wooden door.


(2) Texture of Material

Wood door primer is generally composed of resin, filler, solvent and additives, and there is almost no filler in the top paint ratio, which leads to the different roles of primer and top paint.


(3) Price

The prices of primers and finishing coats on the market also have certain differences because of their different uses and ingredients, but there are also high and low. People who attach importance to decorative quality will choose good primer, while those who attach importance to decorative effect will choose better finishing coat.

However, after painting the wooden doors, we should try our best to do a comprehensive acceptance to ensure that the wooden doors show the best effect.