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Proper Door Lock Maintenance

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Proper Door Lock Maintenance

As we all know, the door lock is a part of our life, but also an essential part of every family, it has brought security to our lives and property, so a good door lock for us is an indispensable equipment, with which we can rest assured at home and when we go out. Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of door locks on the market, so it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the knowledge of door locks before we buy them, so as to select the right door locks.


Proper Door Lock Maintenance

1. Selection of Door Lock

(1) Types

Generally, there are many types of theftproof door locks on the market, and there are many choices of styles. However, we must know that the types of them are different and the functions are different. Therefore, when purchasing a door lock, it is necessary to clarify the door that you need.


(2) Safety Level

Generally, different door locks have a certain difference in price and functionality, and different locks have different guarantees. There are two types of universal theftproof door locks, which are divided into A and B. The destructive opening time of Class A anti-theft lock is not less than 15 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time is not less than 1 minute. The anti-destructive opening time of Class B anti-theft lock is 30 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time is not less than 5 minutes. Class B door lock is more secure.


(3) Focus on Brand

When we are buying a door lock, we must choose some well-known brands of door locks, because the quality and safety of the door locks will be more secure.


2. Maintenance of Door Lock

Door lock, this high-load operating parts, has a long service life, and it is inevitable that there will be some trouble. It is found that the damage of the door locks in the home is often caused by improper use or maintenance.

Some matters needing attention in maintenance of door lock:


(1) Lubricant

Some users tend to drop some lubricating oil into the keyhole when the door lock is bun or tight, so that the door locks may be smooth. But because the oil is easy to stick to the dust, it will be easy to accumulate dust slowly in the lock eye later, and form greasy putty, which makes the lock more prone to failure.


(2) Poor Opening

Sometimes, due to the gravity of the door itself, or the loose leaf of the door, the door will sink and the door will not open smoothly. At this time, it is often difficult to open and lock the door with a key. At this time, do not force the key to twist, in order to avoid breaking the key, increase trouble.


The correct solution: you should first check the reason. If the door leaf sinks due to loose leaf, the loose leaf should be fastened with screws. If the door frame is deformed or other reasons are unrecoverable, start with the door frame and expand the lock tongue accordingly, so that the door lock can resume normal and smooth.


In summary, there are many categories of locks mentioned above, so we must choose the right ones according to the function and size of locks we need. The most important thing is that the quality of locks must be selected at a higher level, so that we can really bring security to us.