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What Are the Solid Wood Doors?

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What are the Solid Wood Doors?

Solid wood door is the door that uses wood and glue for main material and is close to the door with solid body that is compositely manufactured. Its surface layer is wood veneer or other cladding materials. The door core of the solid wood door is usually made with the agglutination such as pine wood, fir or material for filling entrance. Density board and solid wood veneer are stick to the door core outside, which is made by high temperature hot pressing and sealed with solid line.


What are the Solid Wood Doors?

The core of senior solid wood door is also usually high quality white pine, and the surface is solid wood veneer. The density of white pine is small. Its weight is light. And it is easier to control moisture content. Consequently, the weight of finished product door is lighter. It is not easy to be out of shape or craze. Moreover, the solid wood door also has the characteristics such as the heat preservation, impact resistance and the flame retardant. The sound insulation effect is basically identical with the solid wood door.


Door varieties can be classified according to surface materials and functions. In addition, the door can also be divided into the sliding track door and the hinge door according to the open way. According to the surface treatment it can be divided into the white stubble door and the paint door. According to the shape and craft of the door it also can be divided into the plate door, the core door, the glass door and the half glass door.


What are the Solid Wood Doors?

The following is about the craft of the solid wood door. The manufacturing process of the door cover adopts the balanced structure of medium fiber board double-sided pressing and sticking. This kind of structure can enhance the bending resistance, avoid the deformation of the door cover, and solve the problem that the door is not closed tightly. Veneer can ensure that the texture of the door and the door cover consistent. The door cover line is made of 2 MDF vertical gluing. This method makes use of the high flexural strength of MDF. The internal material of the solid wood door uses common wood and medium fiber board, so using solid wood veneer is the most important working procedure of solid wood door. And this has decisive effect on its final quality and use effect. Wood and MDF wood are bonded by adhesive. In order to ensure the bonding quality, we must ensure the machining accuracy of the matching surface. In addition, the production personnel should choose the adhesive of high bonding strength, such as urea-formaldehyde resin glue and polyvinyl acetate emulsion.


Solid wood door is generally five-layer hot-pressed composite structure. The door core material of most manufacturer chooses Chinese fir to collect into material. High-grade solid wood doors are made of integrated pine. The technological structure of solid wood door is more scientific and has the strong esthetic sense. In a word, this kind of door is beautiful and practical, which is used by more and more people at present.