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What are Door Handles Made out Of?

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What are Door Handles Made out Of?

In the home life, the door handle plays an important role, if the door handle is not good, it will not only affect the use of the door, but also make the home improvement effect worse. However, the types, prices and brands of door handles on the market are different. Do you know how to choose? We will tell you how to select the suitable door handle from the material, style and appearance.

What are Door Handles Made out Of?


Door Handle Material

Stainless steel door handle: stainless steel is the most used material in the furniture industry. The advantage of stainless steel door handle is obvious, it will not rust, and its appearance is smooth and bright. Its shape design is changeable, simple and stylish, it is suitable young generation.


Aluminum alloy door handle: Aluminum alloy is a widely used material. The aluminum alloy door handles are rugged and durable for long periods of time, and they never fade. In terms of technology, the material of aluminum alloy is softer than stainless steel.


Bronze door handle: The color of copper is golden, its atmospheric appearance, classical temperament and exquisite texture seem to give us a strong visual impact. And the quality copper door handle looks like gold, luxurious and noble.


What are Door Handles Made out Of?


Ceramic door handle: The surface of the ceramic door handle is smooth, bright and tidy. Its craftsmanship is changeable, and the pattern and style can be designed according to your own preferences.


Wooden door handles: Due to the structure of the wood, the wooden door handles are very hard and permeable, which can be used for a long time in a damp place such as bathroom.

Different materials have great differences in touch, style, quality and overall effect. We need to choose according to the actual use area of the family.



Brand and Style

Brands and styling affect prices. We generally choose brands and manufacturers with qualifications, experience, and good after-sales service. The door handles with similar quality have different prices due to different shapes. In general, long door handles are more expensive than round ones. It is not that the more complex the lock is, the more expensive it is. The lock that is easy to operate is not necessarily unsafe, and the complicated lock is not necessarily reliable. Specifically, the price is determined according to the process difficulty required to create the model and the brand's popularity.



Door Handle Type

There are many types of door handles, and some door handles match the door. If the owner wants to buy the door handle separately, it is necessary to consider the combination of the door handle and the door, and also consider the position of the door.etc Among the common door handles, there are mainly horizontal door handles, round head door handles, push-pull door handles, and magnetic door handles. Horizontal door handles are often seen in everyday life. With the continuous development of modern production techniques, the style and shape of horizontal door handles are constantly enriched, and a variety of new styles have emerged.




When we look at the door handle, we must first check the color of the door handle and the protective film for damage and scratches. A good door handle should be a relatively dull color to give people a sense of stability. The line should be straight. If the line of the door handle is twisted, it is likely to be a defective product.


We touch the door handle every day, so its comfort is important. Good door handles should feel comfortable. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the surface treatment is smooth, and it is not easy to pull it. The edge of the good door handle should be smoothed, and there is no case where the hair is tied or cut.


Do you know how to pick a door handle? If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.