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What is a Unequal Double Leaf Door?

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When we were decorating the house, we paid more attention to the design of the door. Nowadays, there are various types of doors on the market. It is not a simple matter to choose the door that suits your house. Do you know the double-leaf door? Is it suitable for installation at home? The following article tells you the answer.


The unequal double leaf door is a special double-sided door that consists of a smaller door leaf and a larger door leaf. When the width of your door is larger than the width of an ordinary single door (800~1000mm) and less than the total width of the double door (2000~4000mm), you can use the double-sided door.


The size of the double-sided door is generally around 2000*800. The height of the general door is 2.1 meters and the width is less than 1.35 meters. Exceeding this size will affect the appearance of the door. Moreover, the doors produced by different manufacturers are different, and the door leaves are slightly different.


Unequal double leaf door Advantages:

1.Easy to use

Nowadays, many people seem to choose double leaf door in the decoration of the house, because this kind of door is very convenient to use. If you need to move large appliances or items, you can open the large door. If it is just for daily use, you can choose to open the small door. This is very practical and makes our life easier.


2.Fashion and elegant

If your home is large, choose unequal double leaf door to upgrade your home improvement, especially if the living room is large or the floor is high.


3. Improved safety performance

Nowadays, many unequal double leaf door locks and lock cylinders have been upgraded on the basis of a single security door, and the anti-theft performance is stronger. You can lock the door without a key and close it automatically. The double-door design makes the door more robust and prevents violence from opening.


4. Sound insulation is better

The choice of unequal double leaf door is not only robust but also quiet and soundproof. The unequal double leaf door is quieter and does not have a harsh sound. Moreover, the gap between the two doors can compensate each other, the door leaf does not sway, and the windproof mute effect is good.


What door is installed in your kitchen? The kitchen is a place that is often used in our homes. There are many water and oil fume, and the general door is prone to moisture and mildew. Experienced renovation workers recommend double-leaf doors.


The double-leaf door material is very thick and the quality and tightness are very good and can be used for a long time. Because the sealing of the double-leaf door is very good, we don't have to worry about the smoke coming out, so it will not have a big impact on our health. No matter whether the door in our house is wide or narrow, it can install such a door, and it can also make the overall decoration in our home very beautiful and fashionable.


The above is the knowledge about the double-leaf door, if there is any problem with the door. Welcome to consult us, the professional doorkeeper around you.