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Why Ancient Chinese Door Open Inward?

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Why Ancient Chinese Door Open Inward?

The door is basically one of the daily necessary devices. From a household to a city in ancient time, a door is needed to protect its land. However, why did the ancient doors open inside? If it is opened inward, when encountering an enemy siege, the enemy can only wait until the door is broken to open it, and if the door is opened outward, it will be easily broken. In this way, the wisdom of the ancients cannot be underestimated.

Even if it is a city gate, it is also a kind of door. In ancient time, no matter which kind the door was, it was not open to the outside.

In ancient times, political and economic centers were generally located in the city. Therefore, if encountering a war period and the army wants to attack the city, they must attack from the outside. At this point, the city gate becomes the target of the attack, and it is also in a crucial position. Since the gate opens inward, when the enemy begins to attack, the soldiers in the city can quickly close the gate while hiding their body. They can use hard objects such as stone to block the gate, which will greatly reduce the possibility of the enemy breaking the city. In this way, on the one hand, the life of the people in the city was guarded, on the other hand, the soldiers were not killed. However, if the gate is open outward, when the army comes, the soldier must go outside the city first, exposing themselves, and then close the city door. The door may not be closed but the soldiers may be already dead. If the soldiers are dead while the door has not been closed, it means the city lost.

The ancient doors are not installed on the door shaft. Instead, they are inserted into the hub and rotate around them. The hub is a hole in the ground and at the top wall. If you want to maximize opening the door, the hub should be placed in the open orientation. If the door is opened outwards, the hub needs to be located outside, and the door will become a display. If the hub is damaged, the door will automatically break. Therefore, it should be placed inside and let the door open inward.

In the war years, the siege is naturally attacked from the outside. If the gate is outside, the soldiers in the city will need to go outside the city when the emergency is closed. At this time, the soldiers are completely exposed, that is, the enemy. The object in the bag, and then the door outwards, the closer the enemy's control range, the easier it is to be controlled by the enemy. This is actually very unfavorable for the defending party. To change the angle, if the gate opens to the inside, the soldiers can complete this series of work and close the door. Then, you can be in a safer stage. In order to reduce unnecessary losses.

Nowadays, the doors are usually fixed with hinges, some use iron, the security door uses steel, which always appears in stainless steel door. There is no way for the thief to steal without special tools. But in ancient times, the doors are wood doors and they are opened or closed by the hub. The main destruction of the door is also the hub. If the door is opened outwards, the hub will be exposed to the thief. The thief can easily destroy the hub and open the door.

China has been a state of etiquette since ancient times. The city’s first impression representing a country is naturally vital. Therefore, opening inward means that China has an inclusive mentality and sincerely welcomes the distant messengers who come to China as guests. If it is opened outwards? When we go to open the door, we need to push the door and the guests should step backward to give way. This seems to be inconsistent with the meaning of the word -ritual. Therefore, opening inward can best express our country's etiquette and reflect our country's culture.