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Why My Doors Are Making Noise?

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Why My Doors Are Making Noise?

Everyone wants to sleep well and have their own private room, we don’t want to be disturbed at home including our families, that’s the reason why we needsoundproof door and solid wood door rather than “noisy door

According to scientific research, people who do not have personal space and privacy for a long time will suffer from various psychological disorders: inattention, memory loss, and anxiety. So don't always wonder the reason that you are getting older, it may be noise the people and environment around you!

There are many sources of indoor noise, such as neighborhood noise, water pipe noise, road noise other uncontrollable noise sources and home noise. Even the doors whose function is to prevent noise can make noises!

Why does the doors make noises?

1.The material is not soundproof

Actually the material of the door is different, sound insulation effect also has certain change, this one part depends on material itself to transmit sound problem, another part is the problem of quality and craft.

On material pledges for, sound insulation effect is good should be density bigger all real wood door. Because the density is much higher than other materials of the door, can better cut off sound transmission. But the higher the density, the heavier the weight, and the higher the price. Have a kind of door additionally is flat hollow door, add sound insulation cotton to be able to compare real wood door even sound insulation. And it's not heavy. The disadvantage is to pay more attention to moisture-proof work.

2. The weight of the door is prone to deformation

When choosing a door, the first, monolayer door is really sound insulation effect is not very good; The 2nd, also be not sure enough heavy, thick enough door sound insulation effect is good. The door board structure if there is a suitable hollow part will better through the air to produce sound insulation effect. And, the door is too heavy, in the process of opening and closing will bring inconvenience. For a long time since, the door frame that uses fixing a door, hinge can produce certain strain damage, door frame is out of shape had aperture, also can reduce sound insulation effect of course.

3. Poor quality of hardware accessories (mainly hinges)

Hardware accessories consists of the following parts: hinge, all kinds of handle, drawer slide track, sliding door, folding door track and accessories, other accessories. Among them hinge is what we often say door hinge, if the door itself appears a sound that is basically a hardware part in the problem. If the sound insulation effect is poor, it is more likely that the hinge out of the problem. Hinge and door itself do not match, after the installation will find gaps, friction, sound and other problems. It's hard to see at the beginning, but over time it becomes a problem. The same is true of other accessories.

4.The crack in the door is so big that it leaks

Another reason, which is very common but few people notice, is the crack in the door. The door seam is a place that compares detail, when decorating a check mostly, also won't pay attention to it painstakingly. Some in the construction did not deal with the alignment and reserve space size will cause the later non-acoustic effect. Still have plenty of the door frame that buys in the beginning and door match oneself blemishes. In addition, there is also the possibility that the use of time too long lead to the door crack is getting bigger and bigger, too hard or often switch the most prone to this situation.